The best part about working in an office is not that you have a job and you’re earning (that too obviously), but the best part is that you can decorate your workplace as you please. That is one place where no one can criticize you or tell you what to do or how to do it. Unlike your room, because no matter how much freedom you get there, there’s always your mom or your spouse or someone just passing comments or trying to change your decoration.

However, a workspace is what you get with the office contract. Every single person has their own right and own control over what is going to happen in that premise. Following are some very attractive ideas to give your workstation the perfect customization.

A very simple, yet unique idea can be to hang a string with pictures. These pictures can include clicks of your favorite places, favorite people or anything that you like. If you have enough space so designate a shelf for décor. You can keep simple items like vases, clocks, etc. here. The lower portion can consist of your work items set neatly, with simple pleasant colors.

Another idea can be to cover your workstation with your favorite celebrity or superstar. If you are really obsessed with a personality, then why just keep it limited to your room or your smartphone wallpaper; let it find its way to your workstation. It can keep you delighted and also act as a very exceptional idea to decorate your workspace.

If you want to go for a simple but classy look, then this can be the best select. Let go of the fluorescent lighting of the cubicle and add a lamp. Lamps hold the pretty supreme soothing ambience factor. The warm lumens of it can make you feel an immediate change when you flick the lamp on. Coupled with a simple frame decoration, this idea can get you everything.

Then there are people who get bored if they stay idle at the workplace. If you are one of those people, then building yourself a little fun factory that can enlighten your mood and rid you of any stress build up. Strong floorboards and ample balls are all your need for this. Separate your little space and enjoy the sweet pleasure this customization has to offer.

Most of the people like going for elegance. They don’t want any mess or crazy schemes and designs. For those people, wallpaper, a task lamp, a signature mug and a frame can complete their entire sophisticated attire. Painting the desk to give a wooden impression can further raise the element of class.

If there’s a color that brings you joy, bring it to work. Your cubicle will instantly transform and transport you to your happy place. You can add that color to everything and anything that you want. From mugs to phone to files to decoration pieces, highlighting stuff into your favorite color can do wonders.

A themed workstation can also be something you can find solace in. Not just sports, but anything else that you like can be incorporated to your desk, making it a place where you feel like spending more and more time. The theme can also help you get through the idling around so that you don’t sit like loners.

If you leave your cubicle as it is, then the boredom can transfer from your hands and feet to you head too. Choose a color scheme and go nuts. Experiment with the chosen scheme as much as you like and add a cohesive, personality-filled vibe to the normal, uninteresting workstation.

Do you have any ideas to decorate your workspace? Please, do share!

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