We spend so many hours of our lives in offices and places of work, but all too often these places are poorly designed and do not function to maximise productivity.

Good office design is not only about looking great, but creating a space which functions with the business in mind, is as flexible as the company could ever be and provides a space where people are physically and emotionally comfortable.

With so many industries relying on office spaces and new¬†developments¬†springing up all the time, it’s no wonder good design is often neglected. Putting in the same old standard partitions and furniture may be easy, but it will not benefit your business in the longer term. Happy employees means greater output, happy clients and a happy business owner – that’s you.

So browse our ever expanding range of articles. We feature design tips, permit advice and some fun articles for a giggle, all hoping to provide you with the inspiration to get going with your office renovation.

With information about good office design practices, some ideas to spruce up a work space and some fun posts to hold it all together, Office Furniture Resources has been created to advise and inspire those businesses who need a little push to get the office their company deserves.

Office design and renovation is pretty difficult to get right as there are so many variables and processes to follow, without the right advice and people on hand it can seem like a project just not worth tackling. But with Office Furniture Resources on hand, common pitfalls will be a thing of the past. With information about planning and permits, design tips and ideas and some fun articles to get you thinking, it’s all here.