Glass is the new wood. People and customers nowadays prefer more of glass for their panels and screens and doors than wood or any other material. All kinds of mirror features are being made to suit the customer’s needs in today‚Äôs date and time. Shower screens, mirrors, glass splash backs, glass and glazing, glass replacements and mirror fronts are few of the services which professionals give to the customers based on their needs and homes.

Using glass instead of other materials is quite advantageous and few of the advantages are as follows:

  1. It creates an illusion of making more space and giving your bedrooms or dining area an illusion of a large area and space.
  2. It gives a very vintage and unique look to the whole area making your house look very classy and distinct from others.
  3. It also serves as a kind of protection layer safeguarding the materials underneath it from dust.

Glass also requires less maintenance as compared to other stuff.

SHOWER SCREENS: The biggest advantage of having shower screens is that it gives the look of a bigger space to your bathrooms and creates a seamless flow of water. The look of a shower screen is very elegant and luxurious too. Being glass, it requires very low maintenance and cleaning as you can simply wipe the screens off with a cloth and nothing more is required. There are three types of shower screens namely Frameless, Semi-frameless, and Framed. Customers generally go with the frameless ones as they give a unique look to the area. The frameless ones are made from glass which is thickened and from 10 mm thickened type of glass making them more reliable, sturdy and durable to apply. A long list of designs, shapes, sizes and even colors of these are available keeping in mind the need of every customer.

To support the screens, hinges are used of the highest quality. Apart from hinges, a variety of different materials are used which include shelf clamps, glass brackets, support bars, door handles, door knobs and hanging hooks. Also customers having old shower screens can also get them upgraded from these professionals. Now semi frameless shower has its own beauty and style. These have a real slim perimeter and have either a sliding door or a pivot door which is frameless. As these have slim perimeters there is no way that corners can get hidden creating a flowing look in the bathroom and also make it easier to clean and wipe.

This one also provides long durability. Pivot doors are used in these screens which are strong as well as give a stylish look to the area. They also create an anti slipper mechanism and self centering mechanism. Framed shower screens are also an option but are not that widely preferred by customers. They have a perfectly defined shower area with round corners which are smoothened to provide safety as they can hurt anybody and their profiles are specially and very carefully contoured so that dust and soap remains do not get trapped there. These are also available in a variety of colors and sizes and shapes and designs giving the customers an array of variety to choose from.

As working with such big glasses and panels can be very tricky and dangerous for the common man, it is advised to call the professionals to do such work who have years of experience in this particular field and who will with all their hard work and strength give the customer only the best service.